• Youth Dance Classes

    Class Descriptions
    Students are placed in class levels by FADC instructors based on age, number of years of past dance training, ability as well as mental and physical readiness.

  • Lyrical
    These classes are designed to be a combination between ballet, jazz and modern.  Time will be spent on technique, movement quality, style and emotion.  A focus will be placed on musicality, expression of mood and the use of lyrics in the music.  For full benefit of our lyrical classes, it is highly recommended taking ballet technique classes as well.

  • Modern
    Modern Dance appeals to the creative, artistic soul in everyone because of its expressiveness and freedom of individuality.  The classes focus on movement from the inside out, encouraging use of breath, energy, and connection.  Time will be spent with traditional floor work progressing to standing and traveling exercises with use of parallel and turned legs and various shapes of the spine.  Movement dynamics will be explored as well as various forms of music to enhance the experience for the student.

  • Jazz
    The jazz classes are designed in a progression for dancers to explore and develop jazz technique.  The lower levels are an introduction to basic jazz technique, focusing on fundamental jazz positions, turns, jumps, and leaps.  Time will be spent on center and locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching techniques to enhance strength and flexibility.  As dancers progress through the higher levels of our jazz classes, more time is spent on conditioning for core strength, elements of balance, proper dancer alignment and use of rhythm and musicality.

  • Musical Theatre
    The musical theatre class is designed to provide the dancers with a strong performance foundation.  This class will expose the dancers to Broadway style choreography as well the different styles of dance used in musical theatre.  Time will be spent adding on to dance skills, use of facial expressions and performance elements and applying these skills to combinations of various lengths.  This class focuses on musical theatre DANCE and NO voice lessons will be taught.

  • Irish Step
    The Irish Step classes are offered in a series to learn the basics of soft-shoe reels and light jigs.  Hard shoe is introduced after basic reels and light jigs are mastered.  Irish traditional music is used to accompany the classes to enable the use of musicality and intricacies of Irish dance rhythms.

  • Hip-Hop
    The Hip-Hop classes are built around the tradition and history of street dance. Hip-Hop is characterized by its athletic and bouncy style.  It is set to a strong, contemporary beat, builds stamina, and emphasizes body isolations, attitude, coordination, free-style movement, and rhythm.  Time will be spent on strength building, flexibility and creativity.  As dancers reach the higher levels of our Hip-Hop classes, more complex combinations and movement sequences will be included.

  • Acro
    This multi-age class is designed to introduce and explore various elements of tumbling.  Time will be spent on strength building and cardiovascular activities to support tumbling skills.